Eco Living + Zero Waste

I’m excited that you’re here beautiful.

Planet Earth is my biggest love and it breaks my heart to see what humans have done to this ecosystem in the short time we have been on this planet.

Back in 2017, I set out to detox my life of things that were no longer in alignment. As it always happens, I looked around my home, and couldn’t deal with the amount of plastics and toxic substances I was using! So I set out to do something about it! 🙂

I replaced the entire kitchen with eco living products, and threw out anything I couldn’t keep in my toxic free home. I’m passionate about this and although I’m not perfect in my endeavours I’m constantly looking out for amazing eco stores that would provide solutions and products to suit my evolving high standards around what I buy and what it contains, how it affects us and our environment, how it will affect future generations and so on.

So I’m excited to bring to you my favourite conscious Eco Living and Zero Waste Companies and Products. I personally use these in my own day to day life and cannot recommend these businesses highly enough.

I really hope you find VALUE and SOLUTIONS here and thank you for exploring The Vault with me! 🙂

Biome Eco Stores

An Australian company with the strictest standards for stocking products for their eco-conscious consumers.

Why I love Biome – read more…

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