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Welcome to Life’s Lovely Little Lemons!  🙂 Perth_Nov2014_ (65)

I’m Upasana, I’m 27 and live in Melbourne, Australia! Yes it’s safe to say I absolutely love this city. I was born and brought up in India and moved to Melbourne when I was 19 to pursue a university degree in IT. After graduating, I decided to stay back in Australia for good and I have now called Melbourne ‘home’ for 8 years! 🙂

Moving across continents at 19, leaving my family/friends behind and creating a new life for myself in a new country has taught me a lot about life in general. Life’s thrown some ‘lemons’ at me from time to time (as it happens to everybody!) but I have come out on the other side, always with a smile. I consider myself lucky as I have learned so much about myself in this process and is the reason why I am who I am today.


I love the simple things in life and some of my favourite things include rainbows, sound and smell of rain, soulful positive books, dogs, outdoor walks, spirituality, learning about yoga and meditation, sunrises and sunsets, travel, music, nature, and all things pretty & creative.

I am currently a work in progress but the best version of me looks something like this – “I know who I am and have purpose in life. All areas of my life, be it love, career, health or relationships, are all in alignment with this purpose.  I lead a happy, positive, healthy and a well balanced life. I love unconditionally, give freely and inspire others to do the same.”

And so, I have created Life’s Lovely Little Lemons. This is a space for me to write about my journey through life and everything I am learning along the way. This is my creative outlet as I love to read and write. I have metaphorically used the word “lemons” to address all the pretty and not-so-pretty things life tends to throw at us (if in case you were wondering!). I hope to write about all aspects of my life including life in general, love and dating, health, finding happiness and travel. Of course, I write for a female audience but don’t let that stop you from following the blog. There will be something for everybody. 🙂

I really hope you enjoy your time on Life’s Lovely Little Lemons! 🙂

Stay awesome,

Upasana 🙂

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