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Today I talk about my first ever solo trip and it was a little weekend getaway to Perth in November 2014. I know it has been a while since this trip but it is absolutely one of the major travel milestone of my life. This was the first time I had ever gone on a trip ‘solo’ – something I was definitely not used to doing!

This trip meant a lot to me and today I thought what better way than to put it on a blog post so I can forever remember how it felt to ‘travel alone’ for the first time ever.

In this post, I want to talk about what I learned about this beautiful city. Perth is most definitely my second favourite city in Australia (after Melbourne offcourse!). It is a beautiful city abound in nature’s gifts. From pristine white sand beaches to an upcoming urban café & restaurant culture, I think it is probably one of Australia’s best kept secrets. It’s not as hyped up as Melbourne or Sydney and yet its restaurants and beaches are amongst the best in this country.

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So this list is in no particular order, and most of these are just random observations or my opinions on things I experienced during the trip or life lessons that I learned. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it:

  • Perth weather is just the best. After having lived in Melbourne for close to 9 years where I get to experience 4 seasons in a day, it was a nice change to spend time in a city where the weather didn’t change its mind every half an hour. 😉 And it was a pleasant 23-24 degrees while I was there! 🙂
  • Perth cabs are white, not the yellow I am used to in Melbourne. lol.
  • Perth CBD was smaller than I had expected. I loved how cozy it felt while strolling through its streets.
  • Perth-ians (is that what they’re called?) are extremely laid back.
  • Coffee can be expensive and so is shopping for clothes, shoes etc. This is me comparing it to Melbourne.
  • Unlike Melbourne, Perth alleys and lanes are just that. They are not a seductive invitation to secretly (and smartly) hidden bars and restaurants like Melbourne. lol
  • I felt great landing in a city that I hadn’t been before. This Dalai Lama quote really brings home that feeling. I would like to feel this feeling more often.


  • I love luxury travel (who doesn’t!) so a great hotel was obviously going to be at the top of my travel priorities 😉 On that note, I will do a little review post on the hotel I stayed at in Perth in my next post. 🙂
  • I think it was confirmed after this trip that I had a serious case of “Wanderlust” and it was after this trip, I knew travel was something I was really into.


  • Something I learned about myself on this trip – I like to make plans to a tee but love to deviate from them and do spontaneous things instead. Weird I know!
  • I love a sleep-in and had realised how badly I needed that weekend off from work. I had come back to work oh-so-fresh! 🙂
  • That brings me to this point. I usually spend a lot of my time on my own but it’s very different when you’re traveling. It teaches you to really relax and take in those moments. It also shows you that you don’t always need to be around people ALL the time. And that being alone is OK.
  • I also realised that my dream life (and work) will have travel involved. In some way. It was after this trip I said to myself – Man I need to truly figure this one out.
  • I realised that I don’t need to get on a plane to live the best life. I realised that when I moved to Melbourne 9 years ago, I never really took the time to just be a tourist and explore this great city. Instead I jumped straight into making myself a new life here, getting a degree, graduating etc. Given the circumstances back then (more so financially than anything!) I guess I couldn’t. But now I can. So I want to live like and be a tourist in the best city in the world aka Melbourne. 😉


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So these are just some random (and some serious) lessons I learned on my trip to Perth, back in November 2014. It’s amazing how a little trip can really open your eyes to the outside world, take you right out of your routine and your comfort zone and put you in the midst of some truly amazing experiences. 😉

The things you learn about yourself makes travel the best investment ever.

Couple of more posts coming up on Perth so stay tuned 😀

I hope this post inspires you to also get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. And if Perth is on your list, make it happen. I assure you it is worth the long flight over 😉

Until next time,


Upasana xx

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