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For some of you who follow my other social media accounts, you may know that I recently went back to Perth, WA for a little getaway. Since I hadn’t taken any time off work for almost a year, I wanted to make sure I got a little pampered a lot straight into my trip. After researching a little bit, I found the Bali Beautique Spa at the Fraser Suites that was only a 5 min walk from where I was staying.

I did some research on all the treatments they offered and made an appointment for one of their special packages “Heavenly Bali” which included all their Balinese treatments in one! BLISS …. 🙂

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As soon as I got there, I knew I was in for a treat. The facility was so neatly kept and the decor would make you forget you were actually in Australia, not in Bali on a retreat.

My spa experience began with a steam session in a little room as below. Gosh I feel I must have lost all the toxins and maybe even a kilo of weight in that room! 😉 Works for me.



Bali Beautique Spa Perth Steam Room

Once I was dripping with sweat from the steam room and already feeling recharged than I had in a long time, I got changed into a dry sarong and had a foot soak.

Bali Beautique Spa Perth Foot Spa

Following the foot soak, it was time for my Balinese full body massage. Now, I had never had a ‘full body’ massage before so this was going to be my first time and of course, it didn’t disappoint at all.

Over the next hour and a half, the beautiful masseuse gently massaged my whole body and not gonna lie, there were so many knots I felt across my feet, shoulders and neck, I was surprised I even had those as they have just become a part of how I feel in my body. Sad, I know. I guess I just need to include massages as part of my self care routine so I never get to this stage again.

Bali Beautique Spa Massage Room

After my full body Balinese massage, it was time for a Tropical Nut Facial! 🙂 The gorgeous smells were to die for and they weren’t overpowering like a lot of medical grade facials, this being all natural.  My face glowed and my skin just felt so soft and supple.  🙂

Now that my face was beautified after the facial, the beautician then applied a Fresh Fruit Body Wrap all over my body. The body wrap helps to lift dead skin cells all over your body and leaves your skin tingling clean.

The beautician then directed me to wait for a few minutes and then head to the Balinese bath that she had prepared for me. She then reassured me that it was all to me and that I could use it for as long as I wanted. She also advised that she had prepared a ‘Jamu‘ or Indonesian Love drink (a special Balinese turmeric tonic which helps to purify blood and reduce inflammation) for me along with some biscuits to enjoy in the bath. She then left the room for me to enjoy the experience.

After waiting for a few minutes for the body wrap to dry up, I then walked into the bath and I couldn’t believe my eyes how beautiful the Balinese bath was. This would have to be the best part of my whole experience at the Bali Beautique Spa. The music was playing in the background and I got to enjoy the bath all to myself, for as long as I wanted.

PS – You can add the bath as an add-on to any experience for $35 (correct as of 18th Nov 2016) – however this was included in my spa package. – I highly recommend you add this on gorgeous!!! 😉

Bali Beautique Spa Balinese Bath


Bali Beautique Spa Balinese Bath 2

Bali Beautique Spa Perth Jamu Drink

I stayed in the bath for about 20 mins and felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.

They also have Couples packages if you are loved up and want to experience something unique with your partner  – this would make for an amazing date! 😉


What an amazing experience, and kudos to the owner and staff at Bali Beautique Spa for creating such a unique experience in Perth! This is a must go if you are ever in Perth – highly recommended! 🙂

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Note that this is not a sponsored post, I just loved the experience and wanted to share it with my readers.. 🙂 Also, all images are from the spa’s website and owned by the Bali Beautique Spa. 🙂

Until next time,


Upasana xo

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