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Hello my gorgeous subscribers,

How have you all been lately? 🙂

I know I haven’t really blogged much in the last few months (life fo’real has been full on!) but today, I wanted to write about this topic that I feel very passionate about.

Last night, I finally got to watch Tony Robbin’s I Am Not Your Guru (Have you watched it?) and it lit a fire in my belly to get serious about my goals in life and stop procrastinating. The doco shows how a lot of people flock to Date With Destiny where Tony gets to doing the groundwork with them, many of them coming out of those 6 days with a massive breakthrough. There are tears of pain and joy, long term relationships that get stronger or end in a breakup, new careers being born etc after the intense 6 days of personal development work. The doco also shows some snippets of Tony’s personal life and what he does in the mornings as part of his routine, what he does right before he gets up on the stage to how he keeps that energy up for 12 hour days for 6 days straight. There was a lot covered in this doco but one thing, that really got me thinking about is Life Vision.

… but first

Why Do You Need A Life Vision?

I think it was on Day 3 when Tony asks a woman who was having relationship issues, “what is your relationship vision?”. Without going into her story here (watch the doco – its awesome!), this really got me thinking about my life vision in general. I feel that deep down I have always known what it is (we all do!), but it is fun to implore and investigate deeply within my soul and really get it out in the open for everyone to see, especially as it holds you accountable to keep working towards those goals.

Personally, I think, when it comes down to the core of achieving great things, changing our lives for the better, becoming the best version of ourselves and living an authentic life, I feel US (aka humans) work better when we have a vision in our minds and hearts about what that ‘ideal’ life looks and feels like to us. We all need something we’re working towards, otherwise we’re just going one day after another, doing the same thing again and again, without putting any thought into why we do, what we do. And whether what we do, is taking us closer to our ideal lifestyle.

After all, if you don’t know what that ‘ideal’ life looks like, how will you know, what you need start doing, to finally get to a point, where you can start ‘living’ that life. Right? 😉

…. And what happens when we finally get that vision clear in our heads and hearts?

When we finally have this vision so clear in our hearts, we then begin to walk around knowing for sure that this is the life we want to start living.

There is no confusion, no mixed messages to the Universe.

Once this vision aligns with our purpose in life, it is then when a major BREAKTHOUGH happens. This is when making decisions or choices in life gets easier. The Universe gets the nod and it starts bringing us opportunities that move us closer and closer towards our vision. Our vision and the Universe team up (consciously or subconsciously) towards molding our lives in a way that our real life begins to look more and more like our vision in our heart.

Personally, this road to discovery or my ‘journey’ to finding my life vision has taken a lot of YEARS. It has taken me a while to find out what really excites me, what my life purpose is, the way I want to live my life and what the best version of myself looks like. Have I got there yet? No. I’m still a work in progress as I take conscious steps towards becoming the best version of myself. But I am so glad that I have done the soul work…

….. you might then ask

How DO I Build MY Life Vision?

I will try to keep this section short as this is a different blog post on its own, but if you search the web, you will find many, MANY articles on how to build a vision board. A lot of wellness bloggers swear by this practice and I think it is possibly the easiest way to come up with a visual representation of your ‘ideal’ life. If you’re a creative soul, this would be a lot of fun for you. Maybe a weekend project? 😉

There are lots of other ways to do this, you will need to find a way that works the best for you as no one can hold your hand through your spiritual journey. 🙂 Personally for me, this was a 2 step process and it has taken years for me to come to this point.

1: As part of my daily meditation practice – I visualized what my ‘ideal’ life looked to me. I visualized every area of my life – love, friendships, relationships, career, the way I’m with people, the way I talk to others and more importantly to myself, the food I eat to nourish my temple, my daily morning ritual, etc. Every meditation session is different but because I had been meditating for years, my vision had gotten clearer and clearer to me with every meditation session.

2: Once I knew what that vision was, I wanted something visual that reminded me of it, whenever I needed to get back to it, if I ever forgot my path. As much as I would have loved to, I couldn’t hang a vision board in my apartment due to rental restrictions so I had to find another creative alternative. This is when Pinterest really appealed to me.

So I began by creating a Pinterest Board and named it “Life Vision Board”. I then spent sometime a lot of time collecting images from all over the internet that aligned with my Life Vision and started pinning them to this board. The result was just so amazing! 🙂 I now go back to this vision board very regularly (having the Pinterest app on my phone helps!). You can check out my life vision board below, I have added all the pictures from my Pinterest board here for those that don’t have a Pinterest account! I hope you enjoy them.

So gorgeous girls, I hope you enjoyed this post and are now looking forward to building your Life Vision sometime soon as well. I would love to hear from you and find out how you go about doing this and what works best for you.

Until next time,

Lots of Love,

Upasana xo


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