Gratitude for 2016

Gratitude for 2016

Here we are! On the last day of 2016.. and I can’t help but be so grateful for such a wonderful year I have had… 🙂

Personally for me, it is incredibly important to express gratitude for all the good things in my life. They say you cannot be grateful and sad in the same moment, it’s just not possible. And all you are grateful for will grow and expand. I wasn’t always this grateful, in fact, if you asked me 4 years ago, what I was grateful for, I probably wouldn’t have a single thing I could think of.

Today is quite different though. And I am grateful for so many things that happened in 2016 with me personally and the world we live in.

♥  I’m grateful for my beautiful small family… they are the most supportive parents I could ever ask for… and the most amazing sister ever!

♥  I’m grateful for having had the courage to start this little blog, it is EXACTLY one year since the birth of Life’s Lovely Little Lemons that went live on 1st Jan, 2016.

♥  I’m grateful for all my readers who read my content regularly and love it.

♥  I’m grateful for all those who follow me on various social channels and keep up with me.. I love you all.. 🙂

♥  I’m grateful that in 2016 I finally came full circle with my migration process to Australia, becoming a citizen on Australia Day 26th Jan 2016. âŠ—

♥  I’m grateful that I went through some of the most challenging times at work and came out stronger in my professional life and learned some great lessons.

♥  I’m grateful that I have some of the bestest friends I could ask for.. so many good times to look back on..

♥  I’m grateful for all the new people I met along the way in 2016..

♥  I’m grateful for all the travel I managed to do this year. “Each year, go one place you have never been” is one of my favourite mantras to live by and this year it was Adelaide that took the prize.

♥  I’m grateful to have had the access to the best nutritional products on the planet that have helped me immensely with some of my energy and health issues.

♥  I’m grateful to be able to move my body everyday, this year I included a lot of walking into my schedule which despite the unpredictable Melbourne weather was still a good effort on my part.

♥  I’m grateful for having access to the basic needs of life: clean water, shelter, fresh air, warm bed, clean housing and amenities.

♥  I’m grateful for having access to clean, beautiful, life giving, organic food.

♥  Last but not the least, I’m so grateful for having the platform like this blog to talk about what I’m really passionate about. This is a dream come true, being able to reach thousands of people, and inspire them to live life and become the best versions of themselves.

Since going live earlier this year, this blog has had over 3500 views and over 5000+ subscribers and I cannot be more grateful than I am right now. I am so excited to see what 2017 holds for me and this blog ! Bigger and better things are to come 🙂

So beautiful girls, how was your 2016? What are you grateful for? Be sure to celebrate your wins in the past year and end the year in a grateful state, this really sets the tone for the new year! 🙂 Find a cozy spot with a cup of tea and take a few minutes out to write down all you are grateful for from 2016.. This is a great exercise to do with your partner as well. Have fun looking back on 2016! 🙂


Until next year,





6 responses to “Gratitude for 2016!”

  1. Ajibola Sunday Avatar
    Ajibola Sunday

    What an awesome post. I love it, knowing that gratitude is the best attitude.


    1. lifeslovelylittlelemons Avatar

      Thanks 🙂 and Happy New Year!

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    2. Ajibola Sunday Avatar
      Ajibola Sunday

      You’re welcome and I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year 🙂

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  2. damiangoal Avatar

    Hi, you are right! Always show gratitude, no matter how small or large. Thank you for reading my blog!

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  3. passiondesignerblog Avatar

    And I am grateful for this lovely post! 🙂 Thank you!


    1. lifeslovelylittlelemons Avatar

      Nawwwww that’s very sweet! Thank you honey x

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