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Day 4

Gosh day 4 turned out to be a lot different to any other previous days. This was the day I had come to BALI for. Full Stop.

To Heal. or To Not Heal. Was the question my sub-conscious, yet spiritual mind, body + spirit was yearning to find an answer for. And my job was to allow the space and medium for this healing to occur, if it needed to.

On this day, I had, not 1 but 2 healers booked in to come and see me for a session. I must say it again, this was the day I was looking forward to, the most, when I booked Bali and Bliss most ago so I was VERY excited.

First up, after breakfast, I had a colour puncture session with Henry and Nengah. There is so much to learn about Colour Puncture therapy if you’re interested in alternative healing modalities. At 11:30, H and N came up to my room where we had our session. This was an unknown experience for me, I had no idea what to expect. But regardless I knew this would be amazing. Henry sat me down and explained the therapy and what the session entailed.
For those who may have never heard about this therapy, in a nutshell, Colour Puncture therapy helps you heal some of the pre-natal blocks in your energy, re-balances any hormone imbalances, assists with conflict resolution and works to balance your endocrine system by encouraging detox and cleansing.

You may be wondering “What’s pre-natal stress?’ like how could you be stressed before you were even born?” Well, I had the very same question. And Henry explained. He said, “Imagine your mum telling your dad, she’s pregnant. Now at this ‘pre-natal’ stage, your dad would have had one out of the 2 possible reactions, either he was ecstatic or he would had doubts, maybe not as happy,  whether it is about raising a family if financially viable, maybe time wasn’t the most ideal to start a family or maybe they were too young, etc. The seed in the womb instantly feels that rejection energy, and will carry it on through their life, not knowing they are doing so, but still affecting all their adult relationships.” To most that might sound woo-woo, but for those that understand that our universes and all the beings on this planet, EVERYTHING is energy, this would make complete sense. 🙂

Below is an excerpt directly from the Bliss Website:
This healing modality is one that we have found brings instant relief on a different level with the way your body mind and soul feels in the present moment. Colour-puncture simultaneously balances the hormones of the Endocrine System and its related organs, while the Lymphatic System executes the cleansing and detoxification needed from what we term Conflict Resolution.
Henry and his assistant Nengah both work on you simultaneously and will apply points from the Acupuncture grid, (minus the needles), with a myriad collection of illuminated laser-tipped crystal rods in a range of healing colours. These colours have been researched by the Mandel Institute of Esogetic Medicine in Germany and exclusively manufactured by Swarovski crystal to ensure the exact colour frequency of each crystal.
During therapy, the rods are painlessly and soothingly placed ‘on’ the relevant acupuncture points on the skin to provide a holistic healing that releases the often unknown traumas from the pre-natal period, others can be karmic, or traumas of childhood or adolescence and so many unresolved emotional conflicts we are embroiled in today that we just sweep under the carpet hoping that these festering traumas will go away on their own.
The result of this treatment allows for a feeling of a script rewritten, no more guilt, or the light of understanding dawns and you feel ‘set free’. Often, allergies, migraines, feeling ‘out of sorts’ go, and the zest for life, dynamism and enthusiasm return.

I could not stress enough how ‘light’ my body felt after this session. There was almost a weight lifted off my shoulders after seeing Henry and Nengah. After my session, Henry sat down with me again and explained to me how most times, post Colour Puncture, his clients see a huge change in their life, usually long term. He explained how, just going through one session, sometimes can change the trajectory of one’s life completely. Most people do not see a change straight away but almost always have huge effects on their lives, longer term. I promised to write back to him in 6 months. Through my session, he reported seeing ORANGE light emitting out of body and feet, which is related to hormones and emotions. He certainly thought “Healing” was taking place.

Colour Puncture Therapy - Bali

Colour Puncture Therapy – Bali

After they left, I journal-ed in detail everything I learnt from this healing session. To this day, I read it back again and again as do I with my next healer who was meant to see me.

It was time for a Tarot session with Errlanga. Gosh he is one of the best + nicest people I have ever met in my life. So humble. So down to earth. So intuitive. So in touch with his ‘art’ or you could call ‘knack for healing others’. Such an empath.

When Errlanga came up to my room, he insisted he wanted the reading to take place in my room and no where else. Funny I thought there was something specific about that request, so I said “Is this because you read cards better with no distraction?” He said “Nah it is hot and I hate mosquitoes”. 😀

“Fair enough” I said to Errlanga and we sat down on the floor in my room with the A/C blaring making us forget about the Bali heat. He laid out all the Tarot cards and one by one explained to me what they stood for. Although I will keep the specifics of this reading “private” to myself for now, everything he touched on was so on-point. Most of the time through the session I was wondering how he knew so about my life considering we had just met.

I had an emotional moment straight after he left, I had not met anyone THIS intuitive in my life and some of the things he mentioned to me were quite re-assuring. He answered those burning questions and 2 months later, I feel I received so much direction from that reading. After my reading, we hugged goodbye and I promised to come back to Bali again and see him for another reading. 🙂 It’s on to ‘To Do’ list, be assured of that.

Tarot Card Reading with Errlanga - Bali Canggu
Tarot Card Reading with Errlanga – Bali Canggu

While I was journaling about the second healing session with Errlanga, one of my beautiful hostesses ‘S’ brought me some lunch and we both sat down and had an amazing conversation. I thought this was a beautiful gesture from my hostesses, I felt like my experience actually mattered to them on a deeper level, meaning they took time out of their busy schedule to have a chat about my healing sessions.

After lunch, I had a 3 hour massage + treatment session booked in. Well I suppose I could do with some more ‘physical’ healing now. Haha.

‘D’ came to my room to see what kind of massage I was wanting to go for, and lo and behold I went for my first HOT STONE massage along with Reflexology and Body Scrub. After 3 hours of total bliss, I was ready for dinner.

Post dinner, one of my new friends ‘E’ who was also staying at the villa and I had planned to check out the nearby Finns Beach Club. So we had a driver allotted to us who dropped us at the beach club for a couple of drinks and then picked us up when we were ready.

After a couple of drinks, we headed back to the villa and it was time to go to bed.

What an amazing, healing day it had been. I cannot forget all the beautiful souls I met on this day and the divine guidance I received on this day, in itself, was worth going to Bali for.

We’re nearing the end of my Bali experience, I might still write one (or maybe 2) posts about my last couple of days in Bali… but until then, I hope you have enjoyed the previous posts in the Bali series so far.

Have you been to BALI, beautiful? If so, what was your experience like? I would love to hear any highlights you may want to share, pop it in the comments below.

Until next time,

Love always,

Upasana xo

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Ready for Finns Beach Club - Canggu
Ready for Finns Beach Club – Canggu
At Finns Beach Club - Canggu
At Finns Beach Club – Canggu
At Finns Beach Club - Canggu with 'E'
At Finns Beach Club – Canggu with my dear ‘E’
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