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I turned 30 in May this year and I think I may have finally integrated this to be able to reflect back on the 30 years on this planet.

What an amazing these 3 decades have been for me on Mama Earth! Life has been full of ups and downs and big adventures and major let downs. Truth be told, I still feel weird saying to people I’m 30 when asked of my age. Gosh it’s a weird feeling.

Being born into an amazing family, with the most supportive parents and my loving sister is probably the biggest blessing of my life. Like how did I manifest them? I must have done something crazy good in my past lives to be able to born into my chosen family.

I’m grateful for the goddess of a woman my beautiful mom is! She is the bestest friend I have ever had. My father is the most intellectual, practical and knowledgeable man I have known. I’m grateful to have both the intellectual practical side with massive interest in health and wellness  from my father, and the beautiful creative, spiritual and hippie side from my goddess mother. It now all makes wonderful sense, but gosh I have spent most of my 20s just trying to find myself, working out who I am, why I am the way I am. And finally its all come to a full circle.

Last 3 decades, I have moved and lived in 9 houses, 2 cities, studied through 2 different schools, graduated with high distinctions from university, moved countries and continents, started a new life in a new country where I knew no one and had $500 in my bank account when I landed onshore, made new friends, met some of the best people I know, got my first big girl job, rented houses and paid my own bills, travelled nationally to all cities across Australia, travelled solo internationally to Bali to attend a private yoga retreat, travelled across New Zealand, met and dated some amazing men and a**holes too 😉 fell in love, got my heart broken, experienced ever expansive love, gone through an identity crisis, grew into a new identity, discovered meditation and dove deep into spirituality, started blogs twice, started my health and wellness business, met my best friends, found deep truths about my dna makeup, human design and gene codes, discovered plant medicines, cacao and oils, drove multiple projects at work successfully, make truly abundant income and so much more. Yes these 3 decades have been the best adventure of my life so far and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 🙂

When I look towards the future, there is nothing more but excitement for what’s to come. I look forward to my next decade and I know this will truly be the best decade of my life.

So many adventures to come, people to meet, meeting soulmates and new friends, meeting my husband, spirit babies who will be birthed, places and countries that will be visited, businesses and entities that will be brought onto Earth, truly living into the abundance that is my birthright, travel. fall in love. grow. kick goals. love everyone and everything unconditionally.

So – With this next decade, I want to make a few promises to myself:

  1. I am not and will not be afraid to love. LOVE deeply and unconditionally and with ALL my heart.
  2. If I fall off the wagon or act in ways that are not from my highest self, I do not beat myself up about it. I gently get back on as soon as I can.
  3. I forgive and forget. Because holding on to grudges only causes grief that I don’t need.
  4. I show up. As my highest self. Wherever possible. Whenever possible. I am not shy or embarrassed to be me.
  5. I explore my creativity and make time to be creative every single day.
  6. I live life ceremoniously. Eat like it’s a ceremony, drink like its a ceremony, love like its a ceremony, make love like its a ceremony, kiss like its a ceremony and so on. There’s no hurry, enjoy every moment.
  7. I look after my body like a temple. I move it intuitively, I nourish it with the best organic fruits and vegetables, I shower myself in self love and self care practices and ensure it’s always looked after REALLY well.
  8. I will show up in my life and business as my best self, with the knowledge that I’m a designed as a generator who needs to be making decisions from my sacral and my strategy is to wait to respond.
  9. I socialise and network. It was nice to go inwards all through my 20s to understand myself and really nurture my introversion that gave birth to spirituality, creativity and intuition. It also birthed this blog and my health and wellness business. But I realise that my true abundance comes from working with people, and in small and big groups. This is my human design and in this decade, I truly step into this role and identity where I am good with working in big groups of people and holding space for magic to happen.
  10. I look after my near and dear ones.
  11. I no longer run away from uncomfortable conversations that I need to have. If they need to be had, they will be had.
  12. I put my feelings and emotions above all else. If it doesnt feel good, I will not force myself to do it or go with it for the sake of it.
  13. I spend more time in nature and being one with nature.
  14. I hold and grow huge resources successfully and with lots of ease. This is in my human design so I will not question this anymore.
  15. I will grow my work to be in alignment with my life’s purpose, a life spent doing what I love, leaving a mark on this planet of my legacy.

I know this post is pretty much me talking to myself. But if you have read so far, thank you for letting me have this space to have deep soulful conversations, even if they are just for me.

Let the dirty thirties fun begin! 😉

Love ya!

Until next time,

Upasana x


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