March Madness! (2019)

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Hey beautiful souls!

How are you doing?

As the title suggests, today I wanted to talk all things M.A.R.C.H. 😉

Yes it’s not March yet!  but I have been getting all sorts of excited for all the fun things I have planned for myself. As you may have read about my Feb fun, (have you read it yet?) – I manifested 3 of my goals in Feb. It’s been amazing to ride the high waves of manifestation and would most certainly want to keep the momentum going! 😉

So what’s lighting me up for the month of March? Couple of health goals and couple of biz goals!

  1.  YOGA!!!  – I’m looking forward to keep exploring this modality for managing my health and stresss more and more. I would love to try Bikram Yoga next, or if I cannot find a good Bikram studio around where I live then I still just want to keep practicing yoga in general and make it more of a habit.
  2. 30 DAY CLEANSE!!!!  – It’s on my BUCKET LIST to complete a strict 30 day challenge with no cheating. Normally I’m quite lenient with everything. I will easily have pizza and ice-cream if I felt like it, so this is a challenge in not only discipline but also in respect. Respect for my body. Respect for myself. Respect for my word. And my promise to myself. I have quite a lot of weight to lose (20kgs to be exact), so I’m excited to see how this can kick start my weight loss journey. Although, the weight loss is only going to be the cherry on the cake. I’m hoping this will also help me with my energy and immunity considering the last 2-3 months have not been great for me health-wise. I intend to document my journey here, so you can also be part of my experience.
  3. BSchool with Marie Forleo – I’m soooo freaking excited to start BSchool after years of procrastinating. This will change the way I look at business in general, and maybe even how I could better my skills in my corporate job as well as my personal business aspirations.
  4. Rebels of Light mentoring by Tara Bliss – I have bloody admired the hell out of this woman for the last few months. I love how she lives her life and in general how she runs her business etc. So happy I took the plunge to be mentored by Tara as a Rebel of Light for the next 9 months. It lights me up when I think of where I’ll be and who I’ll be by the end of 2019 due to this program.

How is your March looking, beautiful? Tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time,

Lots of love

Upasana  Xx


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