my words for 2020

Hi Beautiful human!

Happy New Year! 🙂

Gosh we’re already 10 days into 2020. Can you believe it?

I love the energy of a brand new year. The vibes are full of possibilities and opportunities. If you are anything like me, you would have spent some time reflecting on the previous year. I even posted about how I felt going into 2019 at the start of last year that you can read here AND another post wrapping up 2019 that you can read here.

For me, the energy of endings and new beginnings – mmmm there is something magickal about it. Don’t you agree?

I once blogged about the New Year resolutions / goal setting process that you can read here, and although it is an important process you may need to go through every once in a while, I have strayed away from that process the last 2-3 years. As my knowledge of this Universe, of who I am, of how I work best, how I achieve things, how manifestations work, my personal Human Design and Genetic codes etc has grown, it has become apparent to me how I need to function in my life to achieve success, feel happiness and what guides me forward. Therefore, goal setting for me has transitioned into more about being led by my sacral chakra, my gut and my heart whilst leaving enough room for magick that I would love the Universe to fill in.

I first read about this concept in the book ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ by Danielle LaPorte and it completely changed me and how I approach my life and my goals. And this is the first thing I usually do now going into the New Year.

I choose at least 3 words for how I want to ‘Feel’ during the year ahead.

In 2019, my words were: Thrive, Connection and Flow.

For 2020, my words are: Tribe, Free, Strong

Now let me elaborate what my intention is behind choosing these words:

FREE // in my life, to be myself, and to live my life in my highest expression, to not be affected by other’s opinions, to make decisions that are in the highest good of all and myself, and free of doing things just to please others.

In the past, I have let other’s opinions muddy up my own waters and decisions, I have spent far too much time and energy trying to do things to make life easier for others whilst I ‘bare it all’ without any complaints and I have spent far too many days worrying and taking responsibility for other’s emotions. This year, I want to take control of these bad energetic habits as an empath and ensure I no longer expend my energy this way and therefore can redirect it into bigger, better things.

TRIBE // to be open to, to connect with and to call in more aligned open-minded loving friendships and a beautiful loving healthy non-toxic relationship when time is right. I’m ready for a conscious loving partnership and I’m ready to call in my Tribe, in my personal life as well as my businesses.

For the last few months (and maybe even years), I have ‘lost’ a lot of friendships to marriages, motherhood, busy schedules, travel, moving overseas etc. Although I’m not a big extrovert who needs a lot of acquaintances and friends around me all the time, and although these people are still in my life as friends (via virtual ways of connecting) losing that one-on-one connection time in-person has been difficult.

STRONG // in my body, mind, spirituality, emotions, relationships, work, purpose and life.

This one is an interesting one. I initially felt this word due to my desire to feel strong in my body and at a healthy weight.. not thin or frail or underweight. Even after all my efforts the past few years, I continue to remain overweight and it is sometimes difficult to understand where I would be going wrong. However, I do understand now that it is more than just my body. The weight is carried from my emotional body, my mind, spirituality, relationships etc and therefore any imbalance in any of these areas result into my weight issues. This year, I want to tackle this area of my life and I want to come out on the other end, feeling strong.

So my beautiful human soul, this has been my process for this year. And it has worked for me the last 2-3 years so I’m sticking to it.

I would love to know what your process looks like and whether it has been working for you in the comments. I do want to say, if the process has not worked for you, it is then time to review it and change it if need be.

Until next time,

Love you all so much!

Upasana xx

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