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Long before I embarked on this spiritual journey of self awareness, stillness and personal development, I spoke to myself in a way I would NEVER speak to a family member, a work colleague or a friend.

My mind chatter said things like

I am not loved.

I am not attractive.

I am unlucky in love.

I am a disappointment.

I am fat and unhealthy.

Etc etc etc.

As you can imagine, this internal mind chatter got me nowhere. The more of these things I said, the more I attracted these feelings and situations in my life. This was me being naive. Not knowing that my words (even the ones that I didn’t say out loud) were powerful. This was before I understood the laws of this Universe. The vibrational energy that I was emitting around me was also that of lack and negativity.

It took me a long time (and a hell heaven lot of books later) to understand that for me to change my circumstances, I must first change the way I talk to myself.

This realization is eye-opening. That is, when you really get it!

So I want to put this question back to you – How many of you say these things to yourself every single day? Sometimes consciously. Sometimes not even knowing you are saying it.

The first step to changing this mindless internal chatter is to be aware of the fact that you do it.

The second step however is to catch yourself in the act, every.damn.time you do it.

The third step to this is to note down the most frequent “I am…” statements from your mind on to a paper in a two-column format. Next to each of these statements, write an affirmation or an optimistic version of the same statement.

The fourth step is to start saying these affirmations every time you feel like actually saying the negative version instead.

If you do this long enough, and you actually understand the power of your words on your energy, your outlook on everything will change, it will receive a massive positive boost from the Universe and before you know it, you will begin to see some changes in your circumstances too.

So let’s begin to tell ourselves that:

I am…. loved.

I am… abundant.

I am… healthy.

I am… lucky in love.

I am… grateful.

I am… a beautiful, gorgeous and brilliant human being.

The Power of “I am….” will soon be apparent to you.

So gorgeous girls, I hope you will consciously adopt this into your lives. Let’s stop calling ourselves things we are clearly not. The Universe knows this, you know it too. You just need to begin believing in it. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you know someone that might benefit from this, please feel free to share. I know I already can think of a few people in my life who are doing this to themselves on a sub conscious level, so let’s spread the word.

Until next time,

Lots of love and light,

Upasana xo


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    Thanks a ton, very well written 😊😊

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