6 Simple Tips to get you through a bad day at work

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Hi beautiful soul,

After 10 years in the Corporate world, I can assure you I have had my fair share of bad days. Actually truth be told, I have gone through some terrible years where most days could be considered ‘bad’ rather than good by normal standards. And when you go through prolonged stressful times, You learn strategies to manage yourself better.

So beautiful, are you having a busy, stressful day?

Are you finding your workload getting the better of you?

Did you just have a negative interaction with a work colleague?

I know there are things that happen in your daily routine (or negative, rude people you come across) that can sometimes trip you off the road to feeling happy or can momentarily make you feel like you have lost your energetic blissful balance and you don’t know what you can do to feel better and get back on track again.

You then go home, and mull over that one thing most evening and possibly also into your night, sometimes resulting into insomnia if you hold on to it for prolonged periods.

Fear not! There are little things that you can do, almost immediately that I promise will make you feel better instantly and put you back on the road to feeling balanced and happy once again.

1. Breathe deeply

We almost underestimate the importance of breathing in our fast-paced modern lives. When you have had a negative interaction with someone, a work colleague, boss, friend etc, notice how your breathing changes. You will find yourself breathing hastily and you may also be feeling quite unsettled.

First, find somewhere quiet where no one can approach you for the next 5-10 mins. This could be at your desk (close the office door if possible) or if you’re in an open-plan as most offices are these days, go to the common area, or even the toilets if that’s your only option (sorry if that sounds grose!). Close your eyes and breathe. Inhale deeply and hold for 30 seconds. Exhale. Repeat this 10 times. Sometimes putting my hand over my heart or belly helps me regroup and come back into my body.

You will notice an immediate difference in your mood.

2. Create a Positive Interaction

We all have someone in our workplace who is a highly positive person. If you do not have anyone like that in your workplace, maybe a friend or family member or even your partner might be a good person to talk to. Make it a point to get up from your desk and walk over to this person for a quick chat. Or give that friend a call. Make the chat about something positive, not about the negative interaction just had, yes don’t discuss what just happened as that will only spiral you further into negativity.

This almost takes the focus away from the negative interaction and creates positive vibes that almost instantly transforms your mood.

3. Tell yourself this

When things go wrong, tell yourself this. “It’s a bad day, not a bad life”.

And that you actually get to go home at some point. 🙂

If you have just had a negative interaction or you’re having a stressful day at work, it doesn’t mean you’re not a happy, positive person or that you are incompetent in your job or that life is unfair. It just means it’s a bad day (or even just a small interaction). It’s what you do or how you react in this situation affects how the rest of your day will pan out.

4. Go for a walk at lunch time.  Get some fresh air.

Now, I know a lot of us work through lunch, specially on a busy stressful day as we want to get things done. I’m guilty of this.

But it works in your favor if you take some time out and get some fresh air. Some stretching or a walk in a nearby park could be all you need to ensure the rest of your day doesn’t go downhill.

5. Drink Water. Stay Hydrated.

I’m a coffee person. I have to have my morning coffee. But there’s nothing in the world that can replace water. Our body needs it to survive and function at its optimal level.

Make it easier for yourself by keeping a huge bottle on your desk. Fill this bottle with water every morning when you get to work, and make it point to finish it by lunchtime. Fill the bottle again at lunchtime and make it point to finish drinking by the time you go home.

6. Eat your lunch away from your desk.

Again I’m so guilty of this, but I should take my own advice seriously. Eating at your desk is no good. You want to consume food consciously and savour every bite. This is the best way to enjoy some time out and slow down in your otherwise busy, stressful day.

So my lovely readers, I hope these tips help you if you’re currently sitting at your desk and feeling down.

I must emphasize that having a bad day is different to having bad days at work every.single.day. That does mean you need a change badly and its on you to figure out, whether that’s a new job, a change in career or maybe just a quick holiday to de-stress and relax.

With that said, have a happy day and make a conscious effort to make someone else laugh. You never know, the person sitting next to  you may also be having a bad day at work. Or just forward the link to this blog post. 🙂

Stay beautiful,

Until next time,

Upasana. xx

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