Are You Really Happy OR Just Comfortable? When Is Making a Change Necessary?

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Hello Beautiful Souls! 🙂

I want to ask you a question today –

How do you feel every morning when you open your eyes and realise you have to spend another day ahead of you? Are you excited by the thought of it?

Let me ask this question slightly differently.

Perhaps, imagine it’s a Monday. You have just had an awesome weekend, chilling out, connecting with your favourite people, doing the things you love etc. It’s time for another week – the dreaded Monday. Do you feel excited? Do you feel motivated about going to work? Do you LOVE what you do? Is it aligned with the type of person you are and your life purpose? Is your passion and your ‘job’ the same thing?

How about your relationships / friendships? Do you feel excited about being with your spouse / partner / kids? How about your friends or work colleagues?

This is something I have been thinking a fair bit about. Lately I have been wondering about my own happiness levels. This stems from a part of me who does not feel excited when I think about my day ahead when I wake up. It is this nagging feeling that irks me and I’m constantly thinking of how I could elevate my life to a level where waking up feels exhilarating.

Do you ever feel like this?

My life has been pretty much the same (with some holidays as exceptions) day in, day out for almost 7-8 years. A part of me has been feeling ‘too comfortable’. As such, the last few months, since late 2019, I have been reviewing all areas of my life; and have already made plans to change where I live. After having lived in my current place for the last (almost) 7 years, I received a sign from the Universe it was time to move. After the initial panic of having to move in such a short time, I began to realise that not only was I energetically calling this change in for a while, it is a great way to move some energy around and cause some ripple effects that will hopefully sway into other areas of my life and bring about more positive changes.

A new phase of life requires a new space, new energy, new outlook and I always find moving house is such a therapeutic experience. I love the process of reviewing and discarding anything and everything that no longer serves me and being able to not carry it forward into my life intentionally. And at the same time, being able to invite newness into my new space and life.

I suppose I have been comfortable for a long time now, and when I got the sign, I made the change.

But I honestly do not think it’s much of an issue being comfortable. It gets a bad reputation usually and if you’re not constantly hustling, people are quick to point out how you’re ‘too comfortable’. I have a slightly different opinion about it. Sometimes comfortable is necessary if you’re coming out of an unstable insecure period of life and therefore comfortable in itself might be necessary, perhaps even good for you and your mental state. I have been fairly comfortable the last few years in many ways, and it’s brought me stability and prosperity, the space to focus on my spirituality and the time and space to explore other avenues like blogging and side hustles.

I also know people who love change and constantly crave it and make it. And there is nothing wrong with that either.

So in my opinion, its OK to be comfortable until you’re not. Let your inner guidance drive your life towards newness. You will know when the time is right to invite change and you need to trust those messages from the Universe when they come.

I suppose this blog post is just me thinking out loud. Sometimes you’re in the ‘messy middle’ and you have to own it. When you know the old no longer stands but the new has not arrived just yet.

So beautiful soul, what are your thoughts on this topic?

Have you ever felt ‘too comfortable’? and if yes, were you happy in that phase of your life or did you crave change?

I would love to know what you think about this in the comments.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Upasana x

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